whether youre planning a holiday,是什么意思

  • whether youre planning a holiday,是什么意思
  • 你是在规划一个假期或者说你是否在制定假期规划


  • 技术检测以后再决定是否替换的翻译是:什么意思
  • 技术检测以后再决定是否替换的翻译是:After the technology test, decide whether 长骸拜缴之剂瓣烯抱楼to replace it


  • Meg i甫憨颠窖郯忌奠媳订颅s not sure______ to go to the movies with Hank or eat out with Williams tonight.(A)if(B)whether为什么答案要用whether 而 if 不行?
  • if是如果的意思,带入这个句子中意思不对,就变成meg如果想甫憨颠窖郯忌奠媳订颅去干嘛干嘛这是个带有两个选项的疑问句,whether在其中起一个是这样或者那样的意思,就是说meg在想是去什么什么还是什么什么的疑问句,所以选whether


  • 妥否,请予以批示为盼,的翻译是:什么意思
  • 妥否,请予以批示为盼,的翻译是:Whether or not,姬丁灌股弑噶鬼拴邯茎 please give them approval


  • 下面句中whether引导的是什么从句?
  • 17.1 引导名词性从句的连接词 引导名词性从句的连接词可分为三类: 连接词:that,whether,if 不充当从句的任何成分) 连接代词:what, whatever, who, whoever, whom, whose, which. 连接副词:when, where, how, why 不可省略的连词: 1. 介词后的连词 2. 引导主语从句和同位语从句的连词不可省略。 That she was chosen made us very happy. We heard the news that our team had won. 比较:whether与if 均为"是否"的意思。 但在下列情况下,whether 不能被if 取代: 1. whether引导主语从句并在句首 2. 引导表语从句 3. whether从句作介词宾语 4. 从句后有"or not" Whether he will come is not clear. 大部分连接词引导的主语从句都可以置于句末,用 it充当形式主语。 It is not important who will go. It is still unknown which team will win the match. 17.2 名词性that-从句 1)由从属连词that引导的从句叫做名词性that-从句。 That只起连接主句和从句的作用,在从句中不担任任何成分,本身也没有词义。名词性that-从句在句中能充当主 语、宾语、表语、同位语和形容词宾语,例如: 主语:That he is still alive is sheer luck. 他还活着全靠运气。 宾语:John said that he was leaving for London on Wednesday. 约翰说他星期三要到伦敦去。 表语:The fact is that he has not been seen recently. 事实是近来谁也没有见过他。 同位语:The fact that he has not been seen recently disturbs everyone in his office. 近来谁也没有见过他,这一事实令办公室所有的人不安。 形容词宾语:I am glad that you are satisfied with your job. 你对工作满意我感到很高兴。 2)That-从句作主语通常用it作先行词,而将that-从句置于句末,例如: It is quite clear that the whole project is doomed to failure. 很清楚,整个计划注定要失败。 Its a pity that you should have to leave. 你非走不可真是件憾事。 用it作形式主语的that-从句有以下四种不同的搭配关系: a. It + be +形容词+ that-从句 It is necessary that… 有必要…… It is important that… 重要的是…… It is obvious that… 很明显…… 17.3 名词性wh-从句 1)由wh-词引导的名词从句叫做名词性wh-从句。Wh-词包括who, whom,. whose, whoever, what, whatever, whi……余下全文

what built this?英文意思是什么

  • what built this?英文意思是什么
  • I want to know what book you like to read. I want to know whick book you like to read best of the three. 在上面这两句话种,可以很清楚的看到what &which的区别 what 没有范围 which 是在有范围之内的一种选择 宾语从句 一、定义: 用作宾语的从句叫宾语从句。宾语从句可以用连词that,连接代词who,whom,what,which;连接副词 how,when,wh筏攻摧纪诋慌搓苇掸俩ere以及if和whether引起。连接代词和连接副词在宾语从句中作一相应的句子成分,if或whether表示疑问,而that没有意义仅起连接作用。 二、宾语从句的分类: 1. 作动词的宾语从句: 如:Everyone knows that he is a good student. He wondered how the pyramids were built. 2. 作介词宾语: 如:This depends on how hard you work. Is there anything wrong in what I said? 3. 作形容词的宾语: 如:They are confident that they can do the job well. I am not certain whether the train will arrive on time. 三:使用宾语从句要注意的问题: 1. 宾语从句引导词that的省略: 在非正式场合下,that在引导宾语从句时,可以省略。 如:I think (that) you are right.


  • It has fuelled worries about whether the euro bloc could suffer deflation, potentially de-railing economic growth.has fuelled与worries about是什么关系,为什么时态不一样,还有,它们的主语是什么?de-railing是什么意思?
  • has fuelled 是谓语,已经助长了worries 这里是用作名词,忧虑。worries about 关于。。的忧虑rail 轨道,铁轨de-rail,脱轨翻译:它助长了关于(欧元区是否会遭受通货紧缩,并潜在地使经济增长脱轨)的忧虑。

She was in a dilemma as to whether to marry Paul or Charles.中的as to是什么

  • 可以把as to 换成about 吗?
  • as to 关于, 至于可以换成about,意思不变,引导作用不变。


  • 1.她不能和父母和睦相处。She cant _____ _____ _____ _____ her parents.2.关于这件事我不知道是否应该对他说些什么。I dont know _____ I should say ______ ______ him about this.3.我希望你从今以后要对自己有信心。I hope youll feel _____ about _____ ______ ______.4.请你向我解释如何做这个数学题。Please _____ _____ me how ______ ______ this math problem.5.格林先生总是为健康担忧。Mr.Green is always ______ ______ his health.6.你不应该等到最后时刻才备考。 You shouldnt wait _______ the last minute ______ _______ for a test. 7.我的朋友不再相信我。 My friend doesnt _____ me ______ _______.8.简害怕在同学面前讲话。 Jane is afraid ______ speaking ______ _______ _______ her classmates.
  • get along well withwhether…something toconfident…yourself in futureexplain to…to solveworried aboutuntil….to preparebelieve … any moreof…in front of

whether it is true or not ,Idont care.

  • whether it is true or not ,Idont care. whether为什么做宾语,这是主语从句吗
  • care是动词,后面接宾语,whether修饰care。这句话的意思是无论对错,我都不在乎。