• lookatmyt-shirt英文怎么读
  • 你涪憨帝窖郜忌佃媳顶颅好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:… 看我的T恤。Look at my T-shirt.


  • 看一看那些T恤衫英语怎么读?
  • look at the T shirts .


  • 衬衫的英文怎么读语音
  • 衬衫blouse英 [blaz]美 [blas][服装] shirt英 酣顶丰雇莶概奉谁斧京[t]美 [t]


  • Today is the first day of November,its my grandmas birthday.She lives with my uncle in Wuhan. This week I help my mother sell T-shirts after school and I get sixty yuan.In the morning,I buy a birthday cake and some flowers and go to my grandmas home with my grandma and uncle are very glad to see us.I give the presents to grandma and say"Happy Birthday to you,my dear grandma!"She is so happy.Uncle goes to make l__47__ for us.The meal is very n__48__.We all eyjoy it very much.If we love the o__50__,lets go to see them.我会的我都填上了,只用告诉我47,48,50这三个空怎么填就行
  • 47 lunch 48 nice 50 old(不过我感觉题目可能出错了,应该填elders)